Let’s Infographic

I just finished a new project. An Infographic about Instagram. I wanna show you now how I got to my final version. I wanna tell you about my process and steps. After deciding that my Infographic would be about Instagram, I started gathering information. Since Instagram is constantly changing it was really hard to find facts which were interesting and still up-to-date. I had to terminate my facts to a date so I could finally start to work. My sources are up to October 2013.  I found so many fascinating facts and at first I tried to visualize all of them.For my draft I still worked with Photoshop CS5. Because well it’s just a draft and I had to try some stuff.

After my really amateurish first try to visualize information and facts with Photoshop CS5 I did a real make-over to my infographic. Because my first try was just an accumulation of infos. No connection between them. So I just took a few facts and focused on those to integrate them into one piece of work.

I didn’t get bad feedback on my last try so I decided to keep working on that version. As you see I focused on a timeline. From the very beginning of Instagram until September 2012 (the facts are the most accurate until this date). I did some changes with the photouploads circles. The blue was kinda boring so I filled them with a collage of instagram photos. Last time I forgot to write down the sources of my infos. So I’m making up for this in the newest and final version. I decided to translate it in english since I started my whole blog in english. And of course this way more people can read and profit from it.

And here are the three stages of my working process:

Infographic first draft

Infographic first draft

Infographic second try


Infographic final verison

Infographic final verison




A new task was required from our teacher in our visual class. We had to create one new picture out of three stock pictures. It took me about two hours to complete this assignment. Cuz there were lots of Photoshop things I didn’t know yet so I had to learn it by doing.

This is what my End-Picture looks like:


I used this three pictures to work with. They’re public domain and I downloaded them here.

and if you want to try it for yourself, here’s the very useful and detailed tutorial.

Heartache in Kreuzberg

This is what we do when we hang around in Berlin Germany. For a schoolproject we visited Berlin for a week to shoot a movie. Our inspiration was the poem “Kreuzberg 1” written by Ernst Blass.

We couldn’t really enjoy the city, cuz it was so damn cold. So we focused on shooting only. As the poem required, we went to “Kreuzberg” so our film location would be as authentic as possible. The story deals with heartache, confusion and sort of a persecution complex. Please, take a look for yourself. I don’t wanna sneek peak you more. Here you go:

This is a film from

  • Neil Raouf  (special mention because of the phenomenal music he created for this clip and special thanks for lending the main character his voice)
  • Regula Sandi (Regie and Postproduction)
  • Jennifer Bucher (Regie and Postproduction)
  • and me: Tanja Ballabio  (starring in the video:) and Regie and Postproduction)

Bring back the Fifties

So we were supposed to write something ’bout fashion in history. I decided to do my homework ’bout the fifties. The glorious fifties. The time of Rock’n’Roll. In the mid-1950s, Elvis Presley became the leading figure of this newly popular music genre. The decade is also known as The Golden Age of television by some people because the sales of TV sets rosed tremendously. People spent so much time watching TV, that even the movie attendance dropped and as well did the number of radio listeners. As inspiring as the music and TV was, so was the fashion at this time. Women wore feminine, charming clothes with bows, flounces and frills (e.g. Petticoats, Chanel Suits, Circle Skirts). The dresses had deeply cut necklines, and could be strapless, backless or off-the-shoulder. Young ladies donned trousers which ranged from ankle length to just below the knee and Rockers and Beatniks expressed their dissatisfaction with the status quo by wearing jeans, leather jackets and drinking coffee. At this time Marilyn Monroe became a major sex symbol. She was an American actress, model and singer. And is still a fashion idol today.

I’ve searched the internet for some fifties fashion photos. With the iPhone-Photo-App “Pixlromatic” I gave the pictures a make-over. But take a look for yourself:

Marilyn Monroe rockin’ a hot red bathsuit (inspiration picture):


havin’ fun in a hot fifties bikini (inspiration picture):


shake rattle n roll (inspiration picture):


bakin’ some delicious, typical chocolate cheese fudges (inspiration picture):


chillin’ on the couch (inspiration picture):


To see the differences between the originals I made some Comparison Collages for you guys:

And if you haven’t had enough of the fifites. Check out her editings. They’re amazing. Well, mostly because she’s amazing.

Fashion vs GR

I’m currently working on a school project which involves fashion and our beloved area “Graubünden”. The area is considered as agrarian with lots of mountains and nature. We wanna change that image a little. We wanna add some modernity to this cute little place. Here are two sketches of how I would show the world how “urban” Graubünden could look like.

How about we add a fashionista which travels with a typical bus to the picture?

fashionista with bus

Or a well-dressed guy hanging out with a capricorn?

capricorn with guy

Soon some ideas (from my classmates as well: check out her amazing ideas) will be realised and shown in a photoblog similiar to thisone. I’m lookin forward to the results of this project. I’ll keep you uptodate:)


Shoes CAN change your life

Most women, probably all, possess at least 35 pair of shoes. Addicted call us most men, probably all, unless they own the same number of shoes, which makes them weird or creepy 😉
Let my explain. I buy shoes after I was sick and I feel better. I buy shoes to reinvent an old outfit and I feel more confident. I buy shoes because they just look hot. Only side-effect is the money. So everytime I decide to buy new heels, they become a precious treasure in my collection. I worship them.

Everyone who now thinks I’m crazy, ask Cinderella. Shoes CAN change your life.


Jared Leto for Hugo Boss

“Stopping won’t get you anywhere. Red means Go!”

Commercials are usually just an annoying interruption. Like when I’m watching “How I Met Your Mother” or “The Big Bang Theory”. And yes, all the trash series which are on air everyday. But hire the (in my arrogant opinion) sexiest man alive Jared Leto for a fragrance commercial and I even end up youtubing it. After all the bad news about him, I’m thrilled he found himself again. And in case you haven’t heard it yet: MARS IS COMING”

And of course I do not want to keep the new, breathtaking commercial from you. Here you go.